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Sunburst tonight!

Tonight’s the night for the Sunburst Awards: Canada’s science fiction and fantasy awards, for which my Plain Kate is up. They’re giving them out at Harbourfront in an Oscar-style surprise.

I wasn’t nervous until last night — I really don’t expect to win this award, and I’ve been too busy being nervous about the TD and the Vancouver trip. But now I’m officially a little nervous. Evidence: I took my bike halfway to work before realizing I needed to go home for my suitcase and figure out some other way to transport myself.

Mom said to me on the phone last night: did you write a speech? And I said: a speech? She: In case you win. Me: Oh, sh*t. She: Well, I’m sure you’ll be better than Frances What’s-her-name at the Tonys. A high bar indeed.

I did officially have my nails done, concerns about such things (frocks, nails — not hair, note the advantages of shaving it off) being my default anxiety displacement mechanism. I’d never had a pedicure before. They’re NICE. Of course, then I decided to wear boots.

Look for me at Harbourfront tonight. I’ll be the one chewing on my perfect fingernails.

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